Crafting Weekend: My button jar

The other weekend I got a bit creative and did quite a bit of crafting. It was an incredibly productive time as I was able to make three things in total. One was a joint venture with Fi for our kitchen that you can read about here. The other two were all me. One of which I can’t talk about as it’s a birthday present for my sister later this year, but the other one – my button jar I’m going to share with you right here, right now.

Firstly let me explain about my button jar, yes it is probably exactly what you think it is – a jar that holds all my buttons! Yes I have enough buttons that fit in a jar, blah blah blah, but it’s a sensible Ideas as I always get clothes with spare buttons and have nowhere for them to go. Hence the purchase of a jar to hold them. But the jar was just a bit too boring, which is why the crafting had to happen. Basically I decided to go a bit wild with spray paint and tape after seeing thousands of images on Pinterest in that very ilk. So after a trip to B&Q in New Malden – it’s a DIY treasure trove FYI – I found myself in the parental units garden with my jar, spray paint, tape and a bit of creativity…

Step 1 – Remove all labels and make sure the jar is clean


Step 2 – Get your tape and mark up the area that you don’t want to be painted. I had decided on some horizontal stripes so I started circling my jar with the tape to make three lines an equal distant apart.



Step 3 – Now it’s time to get painting. Make sure you’re outside or in a well ventilated room. I headed to my parents patio area and placed down lots of newspaper between the jar, it’s lid and the ground. Now get spraying. It’s really simple, just follow the directions on the paint and try and go with even layers, building up the colour gradually.


Step 4 – Leave to dry. It’s going to be slightly tacky for quite a while so try not to touch it too much. I had to move mine inside as the rain started but otherwise I left it for a good few hours.


Step 5 – Once it’s fully dry it’s time to remove the tape and then use it. I obviously filled mine back up with buttons and returned it to it’s place on my bedroom windowsill.



Doesn’t it look lovely? What crafty fun has everyone else been up to?

Lau xxx


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