Favourite Things #33

So I found myself wasting about two hours on the Urban Outfitters website the other day. It’s not somewhere I visit often (the website or the shop) as I find it a little bit overpriced and a maybe a bit to quirky for my tastes. So I’m not sure what took me there the other day but once I was browsing I just couldn’t stop. I came across lots of lovely things, so I’m sharing them with you lovely little people for today’s favourite things posts. These are all things that I would love to own – if money was limitless of course!

Number 1 –  Frame It tape – this is a totally genius way to display pictures, wrap presents or decorate anything. The possibilities are endless.


Number 2Beracamy Provato leather bag – I need this bag in my life. Everyone should have a red bag right??


Number 3Eleven Paris Batman top – In my humble opinion this would be perfect for running in.


Number 4 – Mechanical Coloured Pencils – Here comes my inner stationary geek. Coloured mechanical pencils, what more could you want?


Number 5 – Fabric and Twine Memo board – I love this. We are actually hoping to make something similar for our picture wall in the living room. I love the idea of pegging up pictures, it’s such a simple idea and it means that you can always be changing them around and updating as you get new pictures.  


Number 6 – Squirrel Soap Dispenser – Coolest. Soap dispenser. ever.


Lau xxx

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