My Dream Debenhams Bedroom

As I mentioned the other day I am taking part in the Debenhams dream bedroom challenge. It’s being judged by Annie of Mammasaurus and Jen from Love Chic Living. Up for grabs are £500 worth of Debenhams vouchers so it’s totally worth getting your dream bedroom into the competition too.

Personally I am always dreaming about making changes to my bedroom, I love sleeping you see so it’s a bit of a favourite place of mine! Therefore this Debenhams competition has come at the right time, you see it allows me to dream, peruse and plan to my heart’s content with the added bonus that I might win this competition which would bring my dream bedroom closer to a reality. Only a little closer mind you as I don’t think i’ll ever get the huge space with walk in wardrobes and glass walls that I’m dreaming about but hey, that’s what dreaming is for right?

So what did I pick?
Firstly dark wood is a bit of a favourite thing of mine. So the Elba bedstead and the chest of drawers were literally made for me. I’d actually get two of the chests as I can’t see a wardrobe that I’d like. Plus the top of the drawers are perfect for putting all my bits and bobs. I’d actually probably use one as a dressing table and then have photos and other knick knacks on the other.
Rich Dark Acacia ‘Elba’ drawer chest – £400 (originally £1000) x 2 = £800
Rich Dark Acacia ‘Elba’ bedstead – £440 (originally £1100)
With all the dark wood the rest of the room needs to be all about colour. Hence the gorgeous Matthew Williamson bedding and the teal snuggler chair (great name by the way!).
Green chinoise bed linen – £30 (originally £60)
After the bed comes the bedding, hello gorgeous Matthew Williamson bedding.

Teal arundel ‘Goodwood’ snuggler armchair – £660 (originally £1650)

Then we come to accessories a mirror, a lamp, some photo frames and a couple of trunks for stacking on top of each other.

Wood pink oval mirror – £16 (originally £20)

White bird and branch table lamp – £78

White resin photo frame – £14.40 (originally £18) x 3 = £43.20

White large trunk – £40 (originally £50) x 2 = £80

Last but not least is a throw and lots of cushions for the snuggler armchair. Somewhere to curl up with a book and waste an hour or two!

We Love Cushions Button cushion – £28 (originally £35)

Embroidered birds and flower cushion – £24 (originally £30)

Mauve fleece throw – £10 (originally £20)

So there we have it, my dream bedroom coming in at £2,209.20 What do you think? What would you do with your bedroom if you had £5000?

Lau xxx

p.s. Someone please buy me the chair please, it looks so perfect for winter months in front of the fire 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Dream Debenhams Bedroom

  1. I have big cushion love! Smashing choices – totally with you on that chair, I’d pop it in front of the fire and not move until the New Year!

    Thanks for joining in – and good luck x

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