So today’s post really started as a bit of a ramble. I had all these things going through my mind and to get them into some sort of order I started to make a list. It was a list to sort out and change things in my life and as I started typing these I realised that actually there was a bit of a running theme – positive change.

So that’s what this post is about, it’s about sorting out myself to be more positive in all aspects of my life. I suppose it’s a bit of a follow on from my positive customer service post, to focus on the good rather than the bad. In fact maybe they’re like resolutions even. Who knows… Anyway here’s how I am planning on sorting myself out one small step at a time.


Sort out my blog design – I’m so not happy with how this blog looks at the moment. I’ve left it pretty basic for now with just a header design and I don’t want to change it until I get it right. Until I look at it and it feels like me, not just some boring version of me. I mean that’s what a blog is about right, a place to share a bit (or a lot) of yourself with the world. I believe I do this with what I talk about on here but the look of my blog? I don’t think so. It’s dull and if there’s one thing I know about myself it’s that I don’t do dull. I’m about fun and laughs and glitter and colour and polka dots and lots of pictures. So here’s to making the look of my blog reflect me more. On that note I’ve decided I want to do the grunt work – i.e the design – myself. I want to learn these new techniques rather than get other people to do it for me help me. It would be so brilliant to be able to unveil my blog and see all MY hard work, what an achievement. So quite a long term aim but I’m certainly excited at the prospect.

Know how I am spending my money – It’s so easy to not realise what you are spending, isn’t it? I’m not having money problems per se but I am aware that I do waste money some days; £5 on lunch a couple of times a week, £80 on the food shop because I got distracted by clothes and tupperware – yes that really did happen! I need to make better choices and have some self control most of the time. I mean splurging now and again is natural, but all the time? Not so much. Also I want to be able to buy Christmas presents for everyone without having to use my credit card – yes I pay it off each month, but actually I should be able to save up money before then just for presents. I quite like the thought of paying for everything in cash this year and staying away from internet shopping. So here’s to writing down everything I spend for a while. I’m still going to internet window shop of course – like I could stop that even if I wanted to!

Run more – don’t just stop at the 4 mile mark, push myself further. I have a half marathon to train for after all. But also I’m going to stop myself getting negative if I only run 3 miles as that’s a sure fire way to get me hating this hobby of mine and I definitely don’t like the idea of that. I love running, it’s a great relaxation and calming method for me and I don’t want to loose that by pushing myself too much to run more.


Stop putting things off – be it making big decisions, small jobs (I’m talking about the pile of hand washing that has literally been waiting since March) or getting organised. Basically I am a dab hand at procrastination. Another example of this is the knitting post I have been writing for well over three months. Somehow I haven’t got the time to take the pictures of my projects or to block out my blanket, yet I can easily watch 3 hours of Friday Night Lights at a time!

Don’t punish myself – I touched on this a little bit in resolution number 1. I am so good at having a go at myself for silly thing. Like when I forget to make that phone call or I eat my weight in cake instead of going to the gym. Come on you know what I mean, we all do it right. Well I’m going to try and be nicer to myself – to not beat myself up if I have a bad food day, get snappy or forget to send a card on time.

So there we have it, my positive change resolutions. I’m hoping that writing these down and having somewhere to refer to them will help. Plus I hope all my lovely readers will help to keep me accountable, so if you hear me doing something that goes against these, be it on here or on twitter then please do call me out on it.

Lau xxx

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