Favourite Things #35

Hello, hello,

Yes it’s that time of the week again. Doesn’t it just come around so quickly? So, I hear you ask what are my favourite things this week?

Well firstly let’s discuss Downton Abbey. Does everyone else absolutely love this program? I hope so, because you should – Downton and Great British Bake Off are proof that British TV is at it’s best in the Autumn. I am so pleased it’s back on our TV screens. I simply loved the first episode and I feel like so much stuff has already happened. I like that they’ve skipped forward sixth months and the introduction of the electric mixer made me chuckle. I already can’t wait for Sunday’s installment.

Have you seen the new posters for the Divergent film? If not check them out on Hypable here. It’s all very dark and dangerous and I love that tattoo that Tris has but let’s be honest it’s all about Four right. Was I the only one imagining his tattoos when I read the book? I hope not. Either way I’m definitely not disappointed by the below poster.


Also I loved this post from Fi’s Daily Ponderings where she asks the question ‘Why doesn’t money grow on trees?’ I wish I knew the answer to that but I do honestly hope that scientists are looking into this as I type!

Right, who knew there was a new Harry Hole book and didn’t tell me? I love Jo Nesbo so am totally excited to read this. The question is will I wait and add it to my Christmas list or just splurge on it now?


Finally this week I have started a bit of a love affair with peppermint tea, I’m not sure why, possibly because it’s Autumn now and everyone wants warm things surrounding them. But when I’m at work and I want a second coffee of the day I reach for the peppermint tea instead and feel instantly comforted. Bliss.


Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend. I’m off to Wembley for the NFL London game and I’m also hoping to get a few miles of running. Fun times indeed!

Lau xxx


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