Weekly Musings #3

Fairy lights in frosted vases look amazing on a dark cold night.

Homemade double chocolate cookies are delicious and make the week a lot easier to deal with.

On Saturday I had a tuna melt for lunch from Debenhams – it was so delicious – how could I forget that these existed? I think lunch here might become my new favourite weekend thing!


Sometimes I wish I lived in America so that I could watch more live NFL games. Two games a year at Wembley is just not enough for me.

I think my obsession with Pringles has returned with a vengeance! This is so not good people. 

Also I have now been asked for a Christmas list twice and it is (just about) still September. I love it! Best get writing one I guess!

And finally my lovely sister bought me a present for no other reason than that she is super duper! Aren’t these wooden owls just lovely? I have a bit of a thing about anything to do with owls. I just think that they are such beautiful creatures and so wise with those big beautiful eyes. This is one reason why I’m sure I was meant to get a Hogwarts letter! Anyway these now have pride of place on my bedroom shelf next to my Lego black cab.


Happy Monday you lovely people. Lau xxx


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