Favourite Things #36

Let’s start this week’s favourite post off with a cute picture of a rabbit with a trolley full of carrots. Yes seriously, isn’t he the cutest?


Honestly, this picture is exactly what I needed this week, each time I look at it I can’t help smiling.

I’ve also fallen in love with this Cath Kidston jumper. It’s just calling for nights under blankets watching the TV with hot chocolate.

I may also have treated myself to a new watch in the ASOS sale. Yes I think I have an obsession with animal things! Clearly it’s my inner 5 year old begging to be let out!

ASOS Cat Ears Watch

Let us move away from the animals now before I buy myself a kitten or something!

I went running the other night and managed four miles quite easily. I’m not sure how or why seeing as lately two miles has been hideously hard work. But I did it and I’m so pleased. It’s been a bright spark in an otherwise miserable week and it makes me feel a hell of a lot better about my upcoming 10km!

wpid-IMG_20130930_192017.jpg wpid-IMG_20131001_125348.jpg


Also, one final thing – this is my 200 blog post – how crazy cakes is that? It’s been (almost) a year since I set up this little blog space so the fact that I have written 200 posts shouldn’t seem so crazy – yet it does. Truthfully though, I’ve loved every single post. Hope you have too.

Hope the week has treated you well.

Lau xxx

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