More Jumper Love

So, I’m sorry I’m not going to apologise for giving you another list of jumpers that I need in my life. Firstly because if you’ve been reading this blog even occasionally you will definitely know about my fascination – bordering on obsession – for the humble jumper. Especially in the colder months. And secondly, and more importantly these all have animals on so again what’s not to love? Honestly, I think we all need a zoo wardrobe in our lives.

For more clues on my jumper obsession take a look at these old posts – Christmas Jumpers, Squirrel, Squirrel and Autumn Wishlist. Otherwise just admire the lovely collection of wooly delights below.

Jumper Love
Honestly guys I have to say that putting this post together has really cheered me up after a really crappy couple of days. So even if no one else likes any of these this post has done it’s job in my book. Although if someone wants to cheer me up even more I’ll have any of the jumpers above please 😉

Lau xxx


One thought on “More Jumper Love

  1. I love the one with the penguin! ❤ I also have an obsessions with Animal prints on winter clothing. I already own two bonnets with animal eyes and ears. One is a badger and the other one is a penguin. And owl gloves ❤

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