A few weekly musings

So it’s Sunday already which signals a bit of a brain dump of my weekly musings…

Firstly here’s what I’m doing right now – in Starbucks with an iced latte because the sun is shining and I ran 4 miles this morning – plus 3 yesterday which makes a total of 11 this week with the 4 from Monday – yay! I’m so treating myself to a cake before I leave here!


I was just writing a different post – yay me for forward planning – and realised that when it comes to spelling beautiful I still spell it out like Matilda. Yes I am a fictional five year old. 

On Friday night I went to Bill’s in Guildford with the parental units and had the Macaroni Cheese. It had leeks in it. Why have I never thought to add leeks to my macaroni and cheese? Definitely doing that next time I’m cooking it.


Plus I had Bellinis (yes plual) which were awesome and just what was needed after this week.


I think Rush may be my favourite film of the year. Completely gripping throughout and an utterly captivating story. Even more so when you remember that it’s a true story! Also I now have even more respect for F1 driver’s than I did before.

Well it’s officially Autumn now that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are in Starbucks. I tried one and hated it, does this mean my blogging rights are going to be revoked?? On the plus side Starbucks Pumpkin Spice loaf (yea I caved to cake) has landed and is hands down the best cake I have ever tasted.

We all know how much I love Christmas but even I think that Christmas decorations in John Lewis might be a bit early. They do look pretty though.


During my trip to the cinema to see Rush I sat in the premiere seats – not my choice but wasn’t going to complain and wow are they super comfy and huge! They’ve either made them bigger since I last sat in them or it’s the plus side of losing weight. Seriously I could sit crossed legged comfortably (yes I am five remember) which makes watching a film so much better.

One final thought for the week is a bit of a complaint from me. Here’s a question for you. Why can’t people do things for themselves? I think I’m quite a helpful person but sometimes being so helpful sucks. You know when you spend times doing something for someone and you do exactly what they ask but then they complain about it and you have to start all over again even though you were only helping them! Yeah that – so infuriating. Makes me wished I’d just stayed out if it from the start and not been helpful. Something to remember next time I think. Lesson learned!

Anyway, here’s to a fabulous week.

Lau xxx


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