Quotation Love #3

It’s quote time again, because sometimes a quote post is exactly what you need. Not lots and lots of text but just a few lines and some wise words to help you through the day.



Like I would post about quotes and not include one from the Potter series – yeah that’s never going to happen! So as much as I loathe to admit it I actually agree with the evil witch here.


I love Friday Night Lights, I’m just coming to the end of the first series and this quote really spoke to me when I hear it from Streets. It’s so true. Forgiving someone is one of the hardest things to do and you do have to be a strong person to do it. To totally forgive and not bring it up all the time – that takes a lot.


The wisest of words from our favourite bear. Sometimes with the stresses of everyday life it’s easier to forget the truth in this.


I guess when you win an Oscar for the second time you have to have a good speech and Ben Affleck certainly did. I love these words and it’s just so true.

Lau xxx


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