More things for Autumn

So clearly I can’t stop planning for Autumn and Winter. Seriously I keep seeing things that I want/need to own. Why is there so much great stuff in the shops and why haven’t I won the lottery so that I can treat myself? Maybe I should just not go near shops or online at all and then I wouldn’t see all these things. But then life would be boring and it’s nice to dream and look at even if you can’t do anything more than give each item a quick stroke or longing look before walking past. On the plus side it is not too long now until Christmas so at least when people ask me what I want I will have a ready made list (or two) to go to! Anyway here’s my latest loves, be warned it’s highly likely that you will see a lot more of these over the coming months, I girl can but dream right!
Lau's Autumn Wishlist
Check Skirt, Fat Face / Kissing Stags Cushion, Anorak
Cable Knit socks, Joules / Mini Bow Ring, Kate Spade / Chevron Throw, BHS
 Padlock Tote Bag, M&S / Fairisle Cardigan, Fat Face / Riding Boots, M&S
Fluffy socks and blankets, plus fairisle knits? I’ve found my own little piece of heaven right here in this post. Isn’t that what the cold weather is all about? Although I’m not sure I would ever spend £25 on a pair of socks. It may be time to fetch out the knitting needles and get practicing my cable.
Also I am so tempted by the boots, I’ve been searching for the perfect pair for ages and ages and then I found these and they fit perfectly around the calves – miracles of miracles. But can I really spend £99 on boots? I know that so reasonable for riding boots but I still sort of balk at that price tag. Hmmm, watch this space because honestly these are my favourite thing on this whole board of beautiful things.
Okay one final thing about these lovely things. The ring – the Kate Spade ring. I am obsessed with it and yes while it isn’t officially autumnal or wintery (yes, I know that#s not a real word) I love love love it. It’s an obsession. Hence the inclusion. What can I say, I’m a sucker for shiny things with bows! Plus I want a ring for my middle finger on my left hand and this just grabbed my attention straight away. This is definitely making it’s way onto my Christmas list.
What bits and bobs have you all got your eye on? Tell me please, although don’t make them too lovely otherwise I will need them too!
Lau xxx

My Week in Pictures #8

This past week has been half about Christmas/New Year fun and half about being back at work and as it turns out going back to work really ruined my photo taking mojo, which means that there aren’t any photos from Wednesday through to Friday! I will try to correct this mistake for next week – come on Laura sort yourself out! But seriously, why is it always so hard to go back to work after a break? And why is this time of year always so depressing? I’m trying to not feel that way but it’s really quite hard. I think I need to get planing so that I have lots of lovely things to look forward to!

1. Board game time / 2. Road trip coffee

3. Mr Ryan Gosling / 4. New Year’s Eve fireworks / 5. New Year’s Day lunch

6. Easter treats at the till (Yes Easter treats, seriously we’re not even through the first week of this 2013 year!). 7. & 8. Weekend cupcake baking.

Lau xx

Christmas Time

So the Evans family Christmas is almost over for another year as tomorrow (Friday) I am leaving the family home and heading back to London town to return to my normal life – sad times, I honestly wish the festivities could last a lot longer! Luckily I’m not back at work until the 2nd Jan, so I’ve got a few days to get everything packed away and sorted for 2013!
I just thought I’d share a few pics of my Christmas celebrations with you. It’s an early My Week in a Pictures if you like.
Here’s my Christmas wrapping, the paper is from good old M&S then I added some bakers twine and attached some jingling bells to finish them off.

Here’s our five stockings (pillow cases) on Christmas morning filled by santa and the colouring book is just one of the present that Santa gave me, he knows we so well!


Here’s the turkey during cooking, isn’t it huge? We hardly made a dent the fist day. But that’s okay as we’ve been feasting on cold meat and/or christmas soup for the last two days. Completely marvellous if you ask me.

And here’s the Christmas cake – I don’t like Christmas cake – it’s the fruit you see, but I do think it looks good enough to eat, Mum was in charge of decorating and she did a lovely job.

Now onto the presents, in our family we always open our stockings in the morning then go for a walk -this year it was a very soggy one- before having our turkey lunch and then opening our other presents. This is also the one day of the year when my sisters and I do not have to help with the clearing up after lunch, instead it’s our job to get the presents ready, we divide them up and pile them by people’s respective chairs. Here’s my pile waiting for the unwrapping to begin. As you can see I was completely spoiled by everyone this year! The next photo shows all the paper after we’ve unwrapped!


Here’s a quick snap of all my lovely presents. I can’t decide what my favourite thing was. There’s my gorgeous new shoes, slippers and boots, then there’s all the sparkly nail varnishes, the Avengers Assemble DVD and yes that is a pile of running clothes there, seriously who’d have thought that little old me would ever want those for Christmas. How times change! There’s also the beautiful grey bag from Oasis that I’ve been coveting for ages. Plus I was also given a cooking stone from family friends, which included their family welsh came recipe. I’m very excited to try that out as they’re the most delicious welsh cakes I’ve ever tried. Although I am worried about where I’m going to put everything in my little flat, I think I may need to have a bit of a sort out.

Once all the presents were opened we settled down to an evening of board games and card games. It’s somewhat of a family tradition that we spend hours having fun together. The evening of games normally ends with slight hysteria, someone will do something incredibly silly and then we’ll all dissolve into peels of laughter. I blame the copious amounts of alcohol that generally gets consumed during the day! My favourite of the day, has to be Don’t Get Mad (pictures), I’d not heard of it before, but it was a thrilling game, so much fun and very clever.


How was your Christmas? I hope everyone had a lovely day and got some wonderful presents.

Lau xxx

The Final Countdown…

My favourite day of the year, AKA Christmas, is only seven sleeps away. In celebration of this exciting event I have donned full on Christmas inspired nails. Each of my odd looking fingers has been spiced up with it’s very own santa hat design. Don’t they look festive?

Santa hat nails

With only one week to go it signals the start of full on heads down festive countdown. There’s only six more advent chocolates to eat, one weekend to finish Christmas shopping and 2.5 days left to get all my work done in the office so that I can have a chilled out film watching, turkey eating, long walking, game playing festive period.

Lau xxx