More things for Autumn

So clearly I can’t stop planning for Autumn and Winter. Seriously I keep seeing things that I want/need to own. Why is there so much great stuff in the shops and why haven’t I won the lottery so that I can treat myself? Maybe I should just not go near shops or online at all and then I wouldn’t see all these things. But then life would be boring and it’s nice to dream and look at even if you can’t do anything more than give each item a quick stroke or longing look before walking past. On the plus side it is not too long now until Christmas so at least when people ask me what I want I will have a ready made list (or two) to go to! Anyway here’s my latest loves, be warned it’s highly likely that you will see a lot more of these over the coming months, I girl can but dream right!
Lau's Autumn Wishlist
Check Skirt, Fat Face / Kissing Stags Cushion, Anorak
Cable Knit socks, Joules / Mini Bow Ring, Kate Spade / Chevron Throw, BHS
 Padlock Tote Bag, M&S / Fairisle Cardigan, Fat Face / Riding Boots, M&S
Fluffy socks and blankets, plus fairisle knits? I’ve found my own little piece of heaven right here in this post. Isn’t that what the cold weather is all about? Although I’m not sure I would ever spend £25 on a pair of socks. It may be time to fetch out the knitting needles and get practicing my cable.
Also I am so tempted by the boots, I’ve been searching for the perfect pair for ages and ages and then I found these and they fit perfectly around the calves – miracles of miracles. But can I really spend £99 on boots? I know that so reasonable for riding boots but I still sort of balk at that price tag. Hmmm, watch this space because honestly these are my favourite thing on this whole board of beautiful things.
Okay one final thing about these lovely things. The ring – the Kate Spade ring. I am obsessed with it and yes while it isn’t officially autumnal or wintery (yes, I know that#s not a real word) I love love love it. It’s an obsession. Hence the inclusion. What can I say, I’m a sucker for shiny things with bows! Plus I want a ring for my middle finger on my left hand and this just grabbed my attention straight away. This is definitely making it’s way onto my Christmas list.
What bits and bobs have you all got your eye on? Tell me please, although don’t make them too lovely otherwise I will need them too!
Lau xxx

More Jumper Love

So, I’m sorry I’m not going to apologise for giving you another list of jumpers that I need in my life. Firstly because if you’ve been reading this blog even occasionally you will definitely know about my fascination – bordering on obsession – for the humble jumper. Especially in the colder months. And secondly, and more importantly these all have animals on so again what’s not to love? Honestly, I think we all need a zoo wardrobe in our lives.

For more clues on my jumper obsession take a look at these old posts – Christmas Jumpers, Squirrel, Squirrel and Autumn Wishlist. Otherwise just admire the lovely collection of wooly delights below.

Jumper Love
Honestly guys I have to say that putting this post together has really cheered me up after a really crappy couple of days. So even if no one else likes any of these this post has done it’s job in my book. Although if someone wants to cheer me up even more I’ll have any of the jumpers above please 😉

Lau xxx

Squirrel, Squirrel!

I have been in love with this squirrel jumper ever since I went shopping for my summer holiday wardrobe and saw it in M&S. I picked it up at least five times before telling myself that I didn’t need it for a summer trip to Wales – I was right Wales was lovely and warm and there was no need for a Squirrel jumper – but still I’ve regretted not buying it ever since. It’s just so lovely that I smile just looking at it. Plus it’s less than £30 which is bargainaeous considering the number of times I know I will wear it in the Autumn and Winter. Can you hear me trying to convince you that it’s okay for me to buy it?!



Anyway I had kind of put it out of my mind and then I saw it on Domestic Sluttery in their Animals Getting All Up In Your Jumper Grillz post and all the lovely feelings mentioned above just reappeared. I swear now I want it even more and you just know that it’s going to be sold out now that it’s been mentioned online. In fact that’s exactly what happened to the navy pug dress I wanted. Actually that was mentioned on DS and it was from M&S too. Hmmm I’m sensing a theme going on here!

So watch this space guys I may just be heading to an M&S this bank holiday weekend and perusing their animal collection.

Plus as it’s a squirrel jumper I just had to share this clip with you – Classic!


Happy Bank Holiday people, here’s to a lovely three day weekend.

Lau xxx

New running shoes

The other day I mentioned that new running shoes were in my future. After my 10k run on the Bank Holiday my feet were so sore, and while that’s usual for running such distances, I’ve been getting blisters on short runs, so clearly my current shoes aren’t cutting it anymore. It’s understandable as I have had them for well over a year and have run over 60 miles in the past 5 months alone. Plus I wear them to walk to work so they do get a lot of wear time.

Anyway I’ve been looking around and at the moment I’m debating between a couple of different pairs of Nikes, but at £85-105 they aren’t cheap, so I’ve decided that i’m not going to get them until I have the money in my hand. While I do have savings that  I could take the money from I thought it would be a bit more interesting to save up for them. So here’s the plan – each time I go running, take a spin class, walk to work or go to the gym I am going to add £1 to a jar. Then when I have what I need then I can get buying. If you read my sister’s blog you might recognise this as something she mentioned on a Pinterest corner post (see it here) – shh don’t tell her she’ll think I like the idea and get big headed about it!

Now with only saving £1 per workout it’s going to take me a looong time to get the required money needed, and knowing my impatience I’ve decided that I can also add any money leftover from my monthly clothes budget. So in my May post I was £15 off my total, so that’s going straight in the jar too.

Here are my current favourite colour combinations – obviously these will transfer over to the shoes that I end up buying. Although I’m still playing with colours it does look like I prefer the bright pink sole doesn’t it!

I’ll make sure I keep you posted on how it’s all going, and of course on the shoes I decide to go for. At least i’ll have plenty of time to make a decision!

Lau xxx

Dreaming of Summertime

So there was a peek of sunshine over the bank holiday weekend which means I suddenly couldn’t stop thinking about getting a summer wardrobe. Of course now I suddenly want everything I see. Here’s my summer wants so far…

summer wants 1 (1)

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 /

1. Navy stripe sling back boat shoes. £15.00, originally £25.00, River Island – I’ve been after some boat shoes for a while. It’s always good to have other shoe options rather than just flip flops or pumps and I’ve only got one pair of white canvas pumps from last year that have definitely seen better days. They’ve definitely lived through too many summer shoes!

2. Coral Canvas Slingback Wedges. £27.99, New Look – I love this colour and can automatically think of plenty of outfits that they will brighten up.

3. Khaki shorts, £16.00, originally £20.00, Red Herring, Debenhams – I so almost picked these up over the bank holiday weekend, but then I changed my mind. I’m itching to get them back! I also think they’d look great with the number 2 wedges!

4. A Wear bird print belted dress. £35.00, ASOS – I’ve been after a couple of dresses for awhile. What I love about a dress is that it’s a ready made outfit, so perfect for those mornings when I’m running late! Or for trips when I only take hand luggage – maximising the number of outfits I can fit in.This along with 5 and number 12 are all on my ASOS ‘save for later’ basket. Any of these would be perfect for my trip to Dublin in July.

5. ASOS Mini skater dress in flocked spot. £28.00 – what can I say, I have a soft spot for polka dots.

6. Parisian Cream Floral Lace Layered Skater Skirt. £19.99, New Look – this is so pretty. If I didn’t already have my summer wedding outfits sorted out then this would already have been purchased.

summer wants 2

7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

7. White floral skater skirt, £16.99, New Look – talk about the look and feel of summer in one item of clothing. Love it!

8. Flamingo print scarf, £20.00, Oasis – I currently have two scarves that I rotate between, i’d like to throw another neutral colour into the mix and the flamingo patter gives it a little something extra I think.

9. White and black heart barcode tee, £12.00, Dorothy Perkins  – I’m also trying to build up my selection of t-shirts back up and this one just caught my eye. It would be perfect for a lazy weekend in London.

10. Navy Stripe Canvas Tote, £14.99, New Look – A stripy bag? Tick, tick, tick. I need it!

11. Yellow leather flip flops, £16.95, Gap – Such a summery colour and would certainly brighten up any outfit.

12. ASOS Skater Dress With Wrap Front In Heart And Bird Print. £25.00 – I love the pattern of this dress and seeing it next to those yellow flip flops has highlighted a potential outfit…even more tempted now!

Hmm, the fact that i’m already lusting after all these things doesn’t bode well for June’s shopping budget at all!

Lau xxx