Shakespeare and The Globe

Today I’m talking Shakespeare. Sorry if this sounds too much like an English lesson, but I went to The Globe recently to watch Macbeth and it reminded me just how much I love The Bard.

Fair is foul

Let me start by saying that there is no better place to watch a play from Shakespeare than at The Globe. This building is glorious and you do truly feel like you are back in Elizabethan times. If you haven’t seen the site in London then let me explain, The original Globe theatre from Elizabethan times was recreated next to the river in the 1990’s. The stage and seating is the same as it was then, so you sit on wooden benches, or stand in the middle area in front of the stage. The building is open in the middle so if it rains then you get wet, it’s basically like a trip back in time. Except that they sell coffee, hog roasts and bags of sweets!

Please If you are ever in London during the summer months and have the time then you should definitely try and get tickets. You won’t regret it, I promise. I’m lucky enough to have seen quite a few plays here now, and each one is outstanding, a thorough treat. In fact I’ve actually seen Macbeth her before, but when I saw it was on again this year, I just had to go and see it. It’s a different production with a new director and a different cast so I was intrigued to see how it would go.



I actually studied Macbeth for my GCSE’s way back when I was 16 and since then it has always been my favourite of Shakespeare’s works. So I may have gone to this play with ginormous (great word love) expectations, well I wasn’t disappointed. The cast were amazing, the staging was brilliantly done and I was mesmerised from the start. Any play that distracts you from the fact that you are sitting on wooden benches is a win in my book! I’m already looking forward to next year, to see what plays are coming our way. I’m sort of hoping for Hamlet…



So what we’ve learned from my favourite Macbeth quotes interspersed throughout this post is that I love Lady Macbeth’s lines. I think this might have something to do with me playing her when we were studying it – clearly a connection was made at the time!

Lau xxx


A few end of the week musings

Happy Sunday friends, here’s to another week ending. I’m not sure about where you guys are, but London today is full on Autumnal. There’s rain and wind and fallen leaves of every colour. I am celebrating by relaxing on a sofa in Starbucks. A perfect Sunday in my book. Also I might have to treat myself to my favourite pumpkin spice loaf too – it’s becoming an addiction – oops!

Firstly in this weekly musings post I want to discuss porridge. Yes now that the weather has turned truly Autumnal and rainy (please read miserable) warm breakfasts are back with a vengeance  I like to eat breakfast once I arrive at work but with the microwave being 6 floors away there is no way I am traipsing down there everyday to microwave my porridge, so the fact that I have discovered porridge pots is a lifesaver. They are so simple add hot water to the line, stir and voila porridge is made. I may have stocked up on quite a few of these, in numerous flavours. Well I have to try them all obviously!


So I also did a spot of baking this past week. There was a birthday at work, so I was all like I’ll bake, I’ll bake! Mainly because I’ve been wanting to try a recipe for ages and ages, plus everyone wants some home cooked goodies on their birthday, right? So I made this double chocolate loaf cake that I found on the BBC GoodFood website. Not only does it look and smell delicious, but taste-wise it’s to die for! I will of course be writing up the recipe over on Cook Bake & Eat later this month.

I’m also still loving the named Coke bottles. On Monday I had a diet coke break with a friend – okay so she wasn’t physically with me but picking a bottle with her name on made me smile! However I did get to spend the day with her on Saturday which was absolutely lovely.

This week I’ve also been engrossed in The Innocent by Harlan Coben. Considering how much I love his books I was surprised to find that I hadn’t read this one yet, I loved it and couldn’t put it down. It certainly helped pass endless bus journeys – my bus was on diversion all week.


Along with lots of reading I have also been watching an awful lot of Friday Night Lights this week. Yes I’m a bit late getting to this show, especially considering how big of an American Football fan I am. Plus my favourite film of all time is Remember the Titans, so I was bound to love FNL. Anyway I’ve now officially caught the bug and seriously feel the love for everyone at Dillon High School.

Yesterday I had a lovely day catching up with one of my best friends – we were feeling suitably jealous of another friend being in New York so we got together for a proper catch up. There was a pub lunch, coffee and cake, lots of chattering, reminiscing over travelling days and a wander around Rochester – I’ve hadn’t been before but it’s got so many cute shops and coffee places. Definitely going back there sometime to discover more. I have to admit by the time I got back home I was utterly exhausted, there’s nothing like catching up with a friend with lots of talking and walking in the fresh air to tire a person out! I did fall in love with this lovely owl vase in the middle of the below picture. Yes we all know my owl obsession (in fact I’m planning an owl post soon) so how could I not love this!


One final thought – Every Friday should be cake day at work. Who agrees with me? Personally I always find a Friday in the office to drag. It’s a bit quieter, everything is a bit slower and I’m just a bit tireder than on any other day. Hence the need for cake. So I am proposing a renaming of Friday to Cakeday where eating cake in the office is mandatory. Office mouse be damned!

Lau xxx

My Autumnal Life

So now that we are well into Autumn, I thought I’d share with you exactly what I’m doing with this season. Basically unless I’m at work or training for this dreaded 10km I can be found in one place doing one thing. Yep as this picture shows, I am taking full advantage of Autumn and curling up on the sofa under a warm blanket with my Kindle and a big mug of coffee (or hot chocolate). Just to enhance the season even more I have also been turning on my fairy lights which look so good inside big frosted vases, oh yes and burning seasonal candles. You can’t beat the smell of cinnamon, well you can but there’s no way I can be baking bread all day every day – mainly because I’d then eat it all and end up twice my size which means I’d never be able to move from the sofa again!
My Autumnal Life
Lau xxx

My Favourite Things #37

As I type this list of My Favourite Things I am singing ‘I simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feel so baaaaaaaaaad’ a la Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. I don’t know why, but I am. Maybe I want to be on an Austrian mountainside wearing curtains? That sounds fun right? But then there’s the hiding from the Nazis thing. Yeah let’s not do that, it’s sounding less fun by the minute. Also don’t worry people can’t hear me screeching, I’m not in public. Phew! Anyway moving on.

My favourite thing about this week? Tuesday night. I had a perfectly incredible lazy evening which is exactly what I needed. After walking home from work (via Sainsbury’s) I settled on the sofa with prawn wraps, a patchwork quilt and Netflix. I love Netflix. I’m currently making my way through old episodes of both The Killing and Modern Family – depending on my mood obviously! Oh yes, I also lit my Cranberry Zest candles, because why not! Plus I honestly wanted that comforting smell.

Have you seen The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug trailer? It looks totally amazing and how did I not realise just how many talented people were in it? Let the countdown to December 13th 2013 begin!


I’ve just discovered these Broccoli Stuffed Sweet Potatoes on A Couple Cooks. As well as adding this blog straight onto my bloglovin’ feed I am also adding this recipe onto my ‘must make’ list. Those potatoes look perfect – all goey cheese and soft potato? Yum yum yum.

On the whole recipe front, Story of My Life shared a delicious looking Pumpkin Bread (here) from bakingdom. The fact that this looks suspiciously like the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice loaf has got me all excited as we all remember how I fell in love with this at the weekend! If not then head here for a reminder.

Also this week I have signed up to take part in the Blogger Book Swap being organised by A Rosie Outlook. It’s such a great idea and I really can’t wait to see what reading treats I get sent in November.

And finally I’m really really looking forward to my weekend. Not just for the two days off but also because I’m off to visit a lovely friend for the day. It feels like it was ages since we last caught up with each other so it should be a day filled with chatting and laughing. #soexcited

Lau xxx

Quotation Love #3

It’s quote time again, because sometimes a quote post is exactly what you need. Not lots and lots of text but just a few lines and some wise words to help you through the day.



Like I would post about quotes and not include one from the Potter series – yeah that’s never going to happen! So as much as I loathe to admit it I actually agree with the evil witch here.


I love Friday Night Lights, I’m just coming to the end of the first series and this quote really spoke to me when I hear it from Streets. It’s so true. Forgiving someone is one of the hardest things to do and you do have to be a strong person to do it. To totally forgive and not bring it up all the time – that takes a lot.


The wisest of words from our favourite bear. Sometimes with the stresses of everyday life it’s easier to forget the truth in this.


I guess when you win an Oscar for the second time you have to have a good speech and Ben Affleck certainly did. I love these words and it’s just so true.

Lau xxx