More things for Autumn

So clearly I can’t stop planning for Autumn and Winter. Seriously I keep seeing things that I want/need to own. Why is there so much great stuff in the shops and why haven’t I won the lottery so that I can treat myself? Maybe I should just not go near shops or online at all and then I wouldn’t see all these things. But then life would be boring and it’s nice to dream and look at even if you can’t do anything more than give each item a quick stroke or longing look before walking past. On the plus side it is not too long now until Christmas so at least when people ask me what I want I will have a ready made list (or two) to go to! Anyway here’s my latest loves, be warned it’s highly likely that you will see a lot more of these over the coming months, I girl can but dream right!
Lau's Autumn Wishlist
Check Skirt, Fat Face / Kissing Stags Cushion, Anorak
Cable Knit socks, Joules / Mini Bow Ring, Kate Spade / Chevron Throw, BHS
 Padlock Tote Bag, M&S / Fairisle Cardigan, Fat Face / Riding Boots, M&S
Fluffy socks and blankets, plus fairisle knits? I’ve found my own little piece of heaven right here in this post. Isn’t that what the cold weather is all about? Although I’m not sure I would ever spend £25 on a pair of socks. It may be time to fetch out the knitting needles and get practicing my cable.
Also I am so tempted by the boots, I’ve been searching for the perfect pair for ages and ages and then I found these and they fit perfectly around the calves – miracles of miracles. But can I really spend £99 on boots? I know that so reasonable for riding boots but I still sort of balk at that price tag. Hmmm, watch this space because honestly these are my favourite thing on this whole board of beautiful things.
Okay one final thing about these lovely things. The ring – the Kate Spade ring. I am obsessed with it and yes while it isn’t officially autumnal or wintery (yes, I know that#s not a real word) I love love love it. It’s an obsession. Hence the inclusion. What can I say, I’m a sucker for shiny things with bows! Plus I want a ring for my middle finger on my left hand and this just grabbed my attention straight away. This is definitely making it’s way onto my Christmas list.
What bits and bobs have you all got your eye on? Tell me please, although don’t make them too lovely otherwise I will need them too!
Lau xxx

My Autumnal Life

So now that we are well into Autumn, I thought I’d share with you exactly what I’m doing with this season. Basically unless I’m at work or training for this dreaded 10km I can be found in one place doing one thing. Yep as this picture shows, I am taking full advantage of Autumn and curling up on the sofa under a warm blanket with my Kindle and a big mug of coffee (or hot chocolate). Just to enhance the season even more I have also been turning on my fairy lights which look so good inside big frosted vases, oh yes and burning seasonal candles. You can’t beat the smell of cinnamon, well you can but there’s no way I can be baking bread all day every day – mainly because I’d then eat it all and end up twice my size which means I’d never be able to move from the sofa again!
My Autumnal Life
Lau xxx

Autumn wishlist 1

I feel like it’s been ages since I added a list of things that I’m coveting. In fact, I’ve just checked and the last one was back in April when I posted this post birthday wishlist. How did that happen? Please forgive this mishap of not posting anything in so long. I promise I have definitely had a list of wants in my mind even if they never made it onto here. I can promise that this will be the first of many Autumn/Winter lists. This wishlist seems to be mostly jumpers and dresses along with warmer garments so clearly I’ve been focusing on all the new goodies that are arriving in stores at the moment. I know it’s still August and sunny, but honestly I think as much as I love the sun I’m also ready for the cooler weather to arrive – give me tights and boots now please!

ASOS Clive the cat jumper / neon coral terry sweatshirt / black cat face jumper / glamourous Aran knit boyfriend jumper / grey embellished neck jumper

cream tapestry v-neck tea dress / navy tea dress / Ponte pleated dress / Black high leg riding boots – Plus they do them in red too / Falmer cream cardigan / Dotted raw edge slub t-shirt

And finally, I’m not normally one for coloured tights, but these caught my eye and I am itching to purchase them as I think they’d be perfect with my black dress and mustard cardi that is a staple autumn/winter outfit…watch this space!


 burgundy tights

Lau xxx