A long weekend in pictures

As I mentioned last week I spent four days on a short break ‘up north’ with the family to celebrate a birthday. It was blissful so of course i’m going to share some of the fun times with you. Be warned this post is mainly going to be about the pictures, because that’s what I like best and honestly I don’t write well enough to describe my adventures and the beauty of The Peaks half as well as my pictures do!

So my trip went a little bit like this…

  • Road Trip! Queue good music, lots of talking and picking the service station we stop at depending on the coffee available. Hence the 16 miles of crossing my legs in order to go to a Starbucks!
  • Arriving in Sheffield to skip down the hill and meet the youngest Evans sister. Then touring her house before setting off to Bolsover Castle.
  • Promptly falling in love with Bolsover. Cooing over wall paintings, cute windows and fallen down ruins. And taking lots of pictures of course – the magic of smart phones!
  • Somehow finding our way into Matalan and exiting 90 minutes later with lots of purchases. You’d think that my sisters, Mum and I would have learnt not to shop together by now!


  • Heading into the Peak District and discovering the lovely town of Bakewell.
  • Eating the best lasagne ever (thanks Mum)


  • Training it to Leeds to have lunch with one of my favouritest people in the world. Lots of talking, lots of eating and lots of laughing!
  • Discovering the Chestnut Centre a conservation and wildlife park. A lovely long walk around the place and seeing otters, deers and owls. Along with pole cats, pine martens and field mice. Seriously if you are ever in the area go check it out.
  • Also if you are there then stop in at The Beehive pub in Combs for lunch – totally delicious grub.


  • I also managed to fit in a run – I know I was surprised too. But having my Dad there made me do it and it was great fun. I left my headphones at home and we chatted away for a three mile explore around Bakewell. I, of course, had to stop a couple of times for photos as we saw rainbows. Yes we ran in the rain.

wpid-IMG_20131019_190120.jpg wpid-20131019_174750.jpg

  • The other plus point of going for a run was that I didn’t feel too guilt over the amount I ate (and drank) that evening! We headed to another lovely foodie place recommended by our neighbours. The Pointed Dog and Duck in Bakewell town. Checkout the trip advisor views here. Another excellent meal and the perfect place to celebrate Becca’s birthday. Plus she loved all her presents. One of which I made myself! So will be sharing soon.
  • We of course managed to fit in more board game time. Like that was ever not going to happen!


  • Our final day started with a walk, then a trip to Costco before a long drive home. A thoroughly enjoyable weekend away with my family.

Honestly it’s trips like these that I live for. So much fun, full on relaxing and surrounding yourself with people that get you.

Lau xxx


A week of Birthday fun


This week has been fantabulous! Not only have I reached the grand old age of 28, but I have had a bloody fantastic time getting to it. The week when a little something like this –

Monday – Thursday

– Work, work, work

– A night of homemade pizza making and eating

– Lunchtime visit to a photography exhibit at Somerset House – not what I was expecting but at least I saw the newly uncovered water fountains

– Watching The Avengers Assemble

– Present wrapping for Fi – Pink tissue paper and black ribbon and bows

– Enjoying copious amounts of cake and biscuits courtesy of the lovely people from work – 2 packs of biscuits, 9 mini cupcakes, 12 caramel shortcakes and TWO birthday cakes

Friday – It’s my birthday!

– Woke up to a pile of presents to open – details of which deserve their own post, so keep your eyes peeled in the not so distant future.

– Discovered that Fi and I had done a bit of a twin moment with our wrapping, both with pink paper and black ribbon – all credit to Becca who didn’t mention a thing about this. I mean really what could she say?

– Time for brunch at The Riding House Cafe – I went for a Rickshaw fruit smoothie and a plate of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon – totally delicious. You should all try this place.

– Mooch around Oxford street and then a wander to Leicester Square to pick up some last minute tickets to a show.

– Stop for coffee and then back home for a recharge – a couple of sneaky Game of Thrones episodes and birthday cake!

– Diner at Zizzi’s before watching a musical – We Will Rock You. A super dooper great show. Funnily enough Fi and I saw this on our 18th birthday – I bought her the tickets, so it was somewhat brilliant that we watched the same show together 10 years later.

Saturday – 

– Early morning run – 4.08 miles

– A slice of birthday cake!

– Train to Esher, to meet up with Mummy Evans for a bit of shopping before lunch at The Medicine Garden.

– Dinner with both parents at The Seahorse, a lovely little pub near Guildford. The food was delicious, definitely going to have to head back there again soon.

Sunday – 

– Lazy morning and leisurely breakfast watching the family of foxes (mum and cubs) at the bottom of my parents garden. Lots and lots of cooing occurred!

– Trip to The Gap Outlet store for some bargain hunting – returning with 2 pairs of jeans and a stripy t-shirt.

– Long ambling drive home via West Wittering, Chichester and then Guildford.

– Roast dinner

– Back to London – lazy evening watching The Masters and setting up my new laptop – it makes writing this post so much easier + it’s pink!

All in all a lovely time was had – HAPPY DAYS!

Lau xxx