My Favourite Things #38

Happy Thursday you lovely lot. So I cheated and really wrote and scheduled this post the other day because right now I’m sitting in a car somewhere on the motorway heading North. You see I’ve taken a few days off work for an extended weekend and I’m off to celebrate my little sister’s birthday in The Peak District. I say little sister – she’s turning 20! But she’s still younger than me and I can still remember life before her existence; hence she will always be called my little sister.So this trip is clearly the highlight of my week – family fun in the middle of a National Park. What’s not to love. Just so you know what you are missing out on here are a couple of snaps of Ladybower Dam from last year’s visit.

The Peak District

DSCN0470 DSCN0472

Completely stunning right?

So aside from this long weekend what else do I want to share with you this week.

Well let’s look at internet links and blog posts first.

1. I absolutely loved Fi’s post on Perception and here’s why. Obviously she makes a couple of good points, but the one that caught my eye was the second one, because this question is along the same vein as my final dissertation project for my Psychology degree. Yep things might get a bit geeky here, but I studied whether our confidence in what people said was related to how we perceived them. i.e. would you be more confident in a professor or a train driver. It was a fascinating topic and honestly I really enjoyed working on my dissertation  Yes even scoring the 100 questionnaires that were filled out. Gosh just talking about this is making me realise how much I miss Uni days.

2. I also enjoyed Betsy’s post Never Have I Ever…Been a Movie Person. I consider myself a movie person but looking at that list of 50 Greatest Movies of all time I discovered I had only watched 12 of them. This made me think that maybe I’m not really a movie fan. But then I realised that those thoughts were just silly. I mean I love films, trips to the cinema and movie trivia. A good film cheers me up, calms me down and evokes long ago memories. And that’s what makes me a film person. Honestly a greatest movies list is so subjective and just because I’ve not watched many of these doesn’t mean i’m not a film person. So yes there me go, that’s my thoughts on that – bit of a ramble – sorry!

3. I also loved Jennie’s post about the Books Are My Bag Campaign because obviously it’s an awesome cause, but also because I have become quite excited about the first book she bought – Susan Hill’s A Question of Identity, I’ve never seen anything by this author before but I love the sound of this one – crime, intrigue and mystery – just my cup of tea.

Finally today let’s talk music. I have been listening to a lot of old favourites on Spotify over the last few days. Mostly it’s all been about Halo – Bethany Joy Lenz, Drops of Jupiter – Train, I Don’t Want to Be – Gavin DeGraw and All or Nothing – O-Town.

Also I have discovered a cover of Walking on Sunshine by Wakey Wakey over here on soundcloud. Not only is this one of my favourite songs, but also one of my favourite bands too. They have managed to make the song sound so different than the original. Totally amazed.

Lau xxx


September Reading

Hello lovely reading bugs, here I am with a lovely post about what I read in September.

So firstly, I have to confess that I gave up on Never Let Me Go. I read about a third of it and I honestly couldn’t get myself to care about any of it at all. So back onto the bookshelf it went while I started something new. After that failure I actually read five books in September – all of them read during one week in Portugal – yes five, in one week and then none completed during the rest of the month, basically because September has been super busy month aside from that one week abroad. The sixth book that I started in Portugal is still being read right now. It’s quite a hefty one though which is why I’ve taken so long.

Guilty Wives, James Patterson

What can I say, I was on holiday and this was on special offer in the Kindle store. We all know I have a bit of a weakness for James Patterson books so it’s not like I could resist this one. I think I actually read it in a day on the patio out in the sunshine. I didn’t have big hopes for this book, but actually I really quite enjoyed it. There was also quite a decent plot twist that I wasn’t expecting too. All in all a good beach side read.

Private Berlin, James Patterson

Yep, another JP book. This one was borrowed from my sister and is the latest book in the Private series which I absolutely love. I’m sure I’ve mentioned how I was getting a bit fed up with some of the other Patterson series so I was pleased when the Private series launched as it doesn’t focus on just a couple of people, it’s about a detective company and their offices (and cases) all over the world. There’s just a bit more believably around the whole thing.

The Accident, Linwood Barclay

I love Linwood Barclay books so again I saw this in the sale and had to get it. Completely gripping and a perfect page turner for holiday reading fun.

The Detective’s Daughter, Lesley Thomson

So this was another Kindle sale book that I picked up on the off chance just before my holibobs. Thomson is not an author I’ve read before so I din’t really know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised as this was full of intrigue from the start. I’d definitely recommend and will look out for other Lesley Thomson titles in the future.

As you can see I had quite a bit of an obsession with crime novels of late. Apart from Game of Thrones it’s all I really want to read. Not that that’s a bad thing, in fact I’m all about embracing it right now. I’m actually just halfway through part two of Game of Thrones book Five right now. It’s so good, but I’m also dreading it ending too as the next book in the series isn’t publishing until next year so I know as soon as I’ve finished this one I going to be getting GoT withdrawal symptoms!

This past weekend I somehow found myself in Waterstones surrounded by so many books that I need to read. There’s just so much good stuff out now – I guess because it’s the start of Christmas publishing? Anyway whatever the reason I felt like I was in my own little piece of heaven, I think I actually want every book on this table (well the ones that I haven’t read at least). I’m actually completely astounded that I managed to make it out of there without buying anything. Guys I was so so tempted but then I remembered that two people have already asked me for Christmas lists, so instead that’s where these books are going, straight onto there.


What about you lovely people, any books you just can’t put down? Send some recommendations my way please.

Lau xxx

Favourite Things #35

Hello, hello,

Yes it’s that time of the week again. Doesn’t it just come around so quickly? So, I hear you ask what are my favourite things this week?

Well firstly let’s discuss Downton Abbey. Does everyone else absolutely love this program? I hope so, because you should – Downton and Great British Bake Off are proof that British TV is at it’s best in the Autumn. I am so pleased it’s back on our TV screens. I simply loved the first episode and I feel like so much stuff has already happened. I like that they’ve skipped forward sixth months and the introduction of the electric mixer made me chuckle. I already can’t wait for Sunday’s installment.

Have you seen the new posters for the Divergent film? If not check them out on Hypable here. It’s all very dark and dangerous and I love that tattoo that Tris has but let’s be honest it’s all about Four right. Was I the only one imagining his tattoos when I read the book? I hope not. Either way I’m definitely not disappointed by the below poster.


Also I loved this post from Fi’s Daily Ponderings where she asks the question ‘Why doesn’t money grow on trees?’ I wish I knew the answer to that but I do honestly hope that scientists are looking into this as I type!

Right, who knew there was a new Harry Hole book and didn’t tell me? I love Jo Nesbo so am totally excited to read this. The question is will I wait and add it to my Christmas list or just splurge on it now?


Finally this week I have started a bit of a love affair with peppermint tea, I’m not sure why, possibly because it’s Autumn now and everyone wants warm things surrounding them. But when I’m at work and I want a second coffee of the day I reach for the peppermint tea instead and feel instantly comforted. Bliss.


Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend. I’m off to Wembley for the NFL London game and I’m also hoping to get a few miles of running. Fun times indeed!

Lau xxx

Favourite Things #31

Hello, hello, me again. It’s time for another round of Laura’s favourite things seen, heard and eaten this week!

Firstly let’s discuss Story of my Life’s Blogtember challenge. Do you remember way back in May when I took on Jenni’s Blog Every Day Challenge? Wasn’t it great? What’s that you missed it? For a recap take a look here, or see my favourite posts from particular days 18141827 and 28. Anyway, back to Jenni you see she’s only gone and decided to set another challenge – this time to blog 20 days out of the 30 from the month – and I am so so tempted. What do you think should I give it a go? The only downside is that I’m away for a week in September, so i’ll need to be super organised beforehand to get things scheduled in. Is anyone else thinking of giving this a go? I can highly recommend it.

The lovely ladies at Domestic Sluttery pointed out Abigail Ahern’s home collection for Debenhams. Check it out here. I’d like the Penguin lamp and the candlesticks please. Is it too early to add them to my Christmas list?


Penguin / Candlestick

I’m also intrigued by Laura Wilson’s list of the Top 10 Crime Novels to read before you die via @welovebooks. Being a crime novel lover I definitely want to dive into some of these soon.

This week I’ve also discovered Pret coffee. The Vanilla Latte is delicious and has a real coffee kick – just what I need post bank holiday weekend. It’s also convenient that there’s a Pret right next to my office.

Talking of bank holidays I absolutely love this four day week that we’ve been having. Although It’s got me super confused about what day it actually is. Today feels like a Tuesday, it’s a Thursday. Can’t really complain though as that means the week is going a lot faster than expected!

Have a good rest of the week everyone

Lau xxxx

Favourite Things #28

Greetings my little bloglets and welcome to this week’s favourite things post. So without further ado here’s what helped me through the first week back at work….

Coffee, lots and lots of coffee! – It’s become quite clear to me that i’m a coffee addict, so a week without a ‘real’ vanilla latte was pretty tricky. I am definitely more than making up for it right now though. Plenty of coffee is being consumed.

The arrival of new books – yes, I’ve managed to find the time to do a bit of online book shopping. I ordered three new reads at the weekend and they have now all arrived. I went for The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) on my Kindle and then the physical book version of the last two Game of Thrones titles; A Dance with the Dragons 1: Dreams and Dust & 2: After the Feast by George R. R. Martin. After finishing book four of GOT on my holidays I was itching to get my hands on the next installment, especially as book four concentrated on events in King’s Landing rather than those in the North and above the Wall. As I ordered Cuckoo’s Calling on my kindle I was able to start reading it straight away on my Monday morning bus journey. I’m speeding through it already as I do love a good detective story. Plus this is set in London which is great. I realise I usually read American, Scottish or Scandinavian detective novels.

New Books

Catching up with friends – is there really anything better than getting together with good friends. After a week away it was lovely to catch up with some of my oldest friends on Monday. We feasted on baked potatoes with numerous toppings – alphabet spaghetti anyone – nattered away and also managed to watch the final two episodes of West Wing. Plus I’m off to Leeds this weekend to catch up with my lovely uni girls. Fun times await.

On the subject of West Wing I’ve decided to share some more clips with you all, finishing the series for the second time has put me in a bit of a reminiscing mood so clearly I turned straight to You Tube to watch lots and lots of clips. If you fancy checking some out then take a look at these ***BEWARE OF POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERTS*** Sam defending Ainsley Hayes, A ‘Josh moment’, Charlie being amazing, the ‘I wouldn’t stop for red lights‘ moment and then there’s this CJ pool moment below.

Happy Thursday.

Lau xxx