Changes and Goodbyes

Remember yonks ago I mentioned that I wanted to update the look of this blog a bit? Well it’s finally happening people. I’ve been busy behind the scenes designing, thinking, learning and deliberating over colours to make my little space on the tinternet just a little bit more me.

Well with all this tinkering has also come a big decision. Lau’s Rambling Corner is moving to here and the name is changing! What’s that? Why? Please explain. All things I’m sure you all shouted, thought or sung out just now (okay maybe not that last one!).

Let’s address point number one first. This blog is moving (back) to blogger. Let me lay it all on the table for you. For quite sometime now I’ve been looking at all the different options to be a bit more creative with my blog design and well basically blogger is the easiest tool for me to do this. If I stay on then I have almost no choices in terms of customising my design and layout. Basically you chose a theme and that’s it. Yes I can upload a header and add social media icons but I can’t change things anymore without spending money on the CSS upgrade. But here’s the thing about the CSS upgrade, even if I was okay spending that money, I actually don’t have the skills to write CSS myself – at least not yet. So yes, I’d be able to change some colours around but I still wouldn’t be able to get rid of that annoying thick black toolbar at the top there or in fact anything else that is a bug bear of mine on here – I won’t list everything as we’d be here for hours! Yes I want to learn CSS but it’s just not realistic right now, I have other things going on in my life – my job, my family, my friends, my life and my blog – the writing side – that i’d rather be doing instead of learning code. My other option is, but you guys that’s expensive, like over $100 a year and while I love my blog, it’s a hobby which doesn’t make me money and yes I could include ads on but I honestly don’t think that’s going to cover my blog fees – do you? Plus there’s the whole self-hosting thing and it may sound lazy to say it but I just can’t be bothered to deal with that, I don’t want to learn how that works, I’d rather use my time to concentrate on creating content for my readers.

Bearing all that in mind blogger just seems the best option for me. Over on blogger I can customise to my hearts content. I can change colours, change fonts, use CSS (if I want) and choose the adverts that show, If indeed I decide to show any at all on my blog. So there you have it, my thought process behind this move, while it’s going to be a hassle, I really do believe it’s the best thing for this blog. Yes in hindsight I should have never moved from blogger in those early month of blogging, but you know what I did, it happened and I’ve enjoyed my time over here at, but it’s made me realise what I need and what I want is more than what I can get here on this platform. I hope you understand why I’ve decided to do this, and I hope you all decide to join me over there.

Now let’s address the other elephant in the room – the name change. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. It’s nothing too drastic, but I figured if I’m moving why not do everything in one go. So I am becoming This Rambling Corner. The main reason? Honestly I didn’t want a comma anymore. Yes it’s really as simple as that. Also here’s something else that I find completely crazy, not many people know how to pronounce Lau. I don’t understand it, it’s a literal shortening for Laura and you say it like law but it really does perplex people. So there’s another plus side of the name change!

Hope to see you lovely people on the otherside!

Lau xx