Favourite Things #39

Hello lovely people, hope the week is treating you well.

First on the list of this week’s favourite things is the exciting news that I have booked my tickets to the Spirit of Christmas. What is this I hear you ask? Well It’s a big exhibition at London’s Olympia which is chockablock full of Christmas trimmings. It’s going to be a marvellous day spent admiring all the cute Christmas things, from decorations to handmade bits and bobs to present ideas. I’ll be wandering around this treasure trove with some of my favourite people and humming along to Christmas songs. It’s genius and perfect for anyone who is obsessed with this magical time of year.

On the note of Christmas I’m just going to take a moment in time to point out that we now have less than 9 weeks to go. 61 days in fact. Time to get thinking about starting the Christmas shopping.

I also wanted to point out another new obsession of mine – Polyvore. I’ve become a bit attached to this site as it’s the perfect way to create collages of my favourite shopping items. It’s also a great place to store all your favourite things. In fact you even get emails if something you’re added goes into the sale – dangerous but useful I think. I’ve been using this to make my monthly shopping budget posts (check out September’s here) and I think everything looks so much better.

Check out the below music recommendation from Spotify. Apparently because I listened to Kristen Chenoweth (she’s in my musicals playlist because of Wicked) I might like a song from a Disney Princess film. Ummm okay then. Yes, while I do know all the words, including song lyrics, of some Disney films (Tarzan, Mulan, Cinderella and Beauty & the Beast) that doesn’t mean that I want to listen to a song from a film I haven’t ever heard of. Anyway!

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 16.10.17

This week I found and loved this tutorial from Something Swanky on how to create a custom blog background. Now I didn’t actually want to make a blog background but I did think that this was a great resource for learning all about Picmonkey. It’s helped me no end to see how other people do things and how to translate that into what I want to do.

One final thought is this – I have had a super productive week making blog type decisions. I’ve had lots of things running around inside my brain for awhile now and I’m about to put them into practise. Basically things are going to change around here, so watch this space.

Have a lovely week everybody.

Lau xxx


My Favourite Things #38

Happy Thursday you lovely lot. So I cheated and really wrote and scheduled this post the other day because right now I’m sitting in a car somewhere on the motorway heading North. You see I’ve taken a few days off work for an extended weekend and I’m off to celebrate my little sister’s birthday in The Peak District. I say little sister – she’s turning 20! But she’s still younger than me and I can still remember life before her existence; hence she will always be called my little sister.So this trip is clearly the highlight of my week – family fun in the middle of a National Park. What’s not to love. Just so you know what you are missing out on here are a couple of snaps of Ladybower Dam from last year’s visit.

The Peak District

DSCN0470 DSCN0472

Completely stunning right?

So aside from this long weekend what else do I want to share with you this week.

Well let’s look at internet links and blog posts first.

1. I absolutely loved Fi’s post on Perception and here’s why. Obviously she makes a couple of good points, but the one that caught my eye was the second one, because this question is along the same vein as my final dissertation project for my Psychology degree. Yep things might get a bit geeky here, but I studied whether our confidence in what people said was related to how we perceived them. i.e. would you be more confident in a professor or a train driver. It was a fascinating topic and honestly I really enjoyed working on my dissertation  Yes even scoring the 100 questionnaires that were filled out. Gosh just talking about this is making me realise how much I miss Uni days.

2. I also enjoyed Betsy’s post Never Have I Ever…Been a Movie Person. I consider myself a movie person but looking at that list of 50 Greatest Movies of all time I discovered I had only watched 12 of them. This made me think that maybe I’m not really a movie fan. But then I realised that those thoughts were just silly. I mean I love films, trips to the cinema and movie trivia. A good film cheers me up, calms me down and evokes long ago memories. And that’s what makes me a film person. Honestly a greatest movies list is so subjective and just because I’ve not watched many of these doesn’t mean i’m not a film person. So yes there me go, that’s my thoughts on that – bit of a ramble – sorry!

3. I also loved Jennie’s post about the Books Are My Bag Campaign because obviously it’s an awesome cause, but also because I have become quite excited about the first book she bought – Susan Hill’s A Question of Identity, I’ve never seen anything by this author before but I love the sound of this one – crime, intrigue and mystery – just my cup of tea.

Finally today let’s talk music. I have been listening to a lot of old favourites on Spotify over the last few days. Mostly it’s all been about Halo – Bethany Joy Lenz, Drops of Jupiter – Train, I Don’t Want to Be – Gavin DeGraw and All or Nothing – O-Town.

Also I have discovered a cover of Walking on Sunshine by Wakey Wakey over here on soundcloud. Not only is this one of my favourite songs, but also one of my favourite bands too. They have managed to make the song sound so different than the original. Totally amazed.

Lau xxx

My Favourite Things #37

As I type this list of My Favourite Things I am singing ‘I simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feel so baaaaaaaaaad’ a la Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. I don’t know why, but I am. Maybe I want to be on an Austrian mountainside wearing curtains? That sounds fun right? But then there’s the hiding from the Nazis thing. Yeah let’s not do that, it’s sounding less fun by the minute. Also don’t worry people can’t hear me screeching, I’m not in public. Phew! Anyway moving on.

My favourite thing about this week? Tuesday night. I had a perfectly incredible lazy evening which is exactly what I needed. After walking home from work (via Sainsbury’s) I settled on the sofa with prawn wraps, a patchwork quilt and Netflix. I love Netflix. I’m currently making my way through old episodes of both The Killing and Modern Family – depending on my mood obviously! Oh yes, I also lit my Cranberry Zest candles, because why not! Plus I honestly wanted that comforting smell.

Have you seen The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug trailer? It looks totally amazing and how did I not realise just how many talented people were in it? Let the countdown to December 13th 2013 begin!


I’ve just discovered these Broccoli Stuffed Sweet Potatoes on A Couple Cooks. As well as adding this blog straight onto my bloglovin’ feed I am also adding this recipe onto my ‘must make’ list. Those potatoes look perfect – all goey cheese and soft potato? Yum yum yum.

On the whole recipe front, Story of My Life shared a delicious looking Pumpkin Bread (here) from bakingdom. The fact that this looks suspiciously like the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice loaf has got me all excited as we all remember how I fell in love with this at the weekend! If not then head here for a reminder.

Also this week I have signed up to take part in the Blogger Book Swap being organised by A Rosie Outlook. It’s such a great idea and I really can’t wait to see what reading treats I get sent in November.

And finally I’m really really looking forward to my weekend. Not just for the two days off but also because I’m off to visit a lovely friend for the day. It feels like it was ages since we last caught up with each other so it should be a day filled with chatting and laughing. #soexcited

Lau xxx

Favourite Things #35

Hello, hello,

Yes it’s that time of the week again. Doesn’t it just come around so quickly? So, I hear you ask what are my favourite things this week?

Well firstly let’s discuss Downton Abbey. Does everyone else absolutely love this program? I hope so, because you should – Downton and Great British Bake Off are proof that British TV is at it’s best in the Autumn. I am so pleased it’s back on our TV screens. I simply loved the first episode and I feel like so much stuff has already happened. I like that they’ve skipped forward sixth months and the introduction of the electric mixer made me chuckle. I already can’t wait for Sunday’s installment.

Have you seen the new posters for the Divergent film? If not check them out on Hypable here. It’s all very dark and dangerous and I love that tattoo that Tris has but let’s be honest it’s all about Four right. Was I the only one imagining his tattoos when I read the book? I hope not. Either way I’m definitely not disappointed by the below poster.


Also I loved this post from Fi’s Daily Ponderings where she asks the question ‘Why doesn’t money grow on trees?’ I wish I knew the answer to that but I do honestly hope that scientists are looking into this as I type!

Right, who knew there was a new Harry Hole book and didn’t tell me? I love Jo Nesbo so am totally excited to read this. The question is will I wait and add it to my Christmas list or just splurge on it now?


Finally this week I have started a bit of a love affair with peppermint tea, I’m not sure why, possibly because it’s Autumn now and everyone wants warm things surrounding them. But when I’m at work and I want a second coffee of the day I reach for the peppermint tea instead and feel instantly comforted. Bliss.


Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend. I’m off to Wembley for the NFL London game and I’m also hoping to get a few miles of running. Fun times indeed!

Lau xxx

Favourite Things #34

Hello my lovelies and welcome to this week’s favourite things post. Here we go…

This Jolly Jumpers post from Fi, I’d like them all please. But if that’s not possible then I’ll go for 1, 2 and 4. Pretty please with a cherry on the top.

You may have seen my tweet about this earlier in the week, but if not then don’t fret as I’m sharing it again. It looks like Starbucks Christmas drinks will be in stores on November the 2nd. Check out the countdown right here. I am way over excited about this. Fingers crossed for the Gingerbread Latte.

How gorgeous is this plate from Cath Kidston? Love, love, love. Want, want, want!

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 13.59.50

London Sandwich Plate

Dana at Wonder Forest shared advice on how to make a good blog header. Great stuff and perfect timing as I’m in the process of redesigning what I want my blog to look like and a new header is going to be part of this. Also on the whole design subject, Claire at House of Clicks shared a tutorial about joining shapes in InDesign something else that may come in handy with this blog design malarkey.

Debenhams have a blog competition that I will definitely be taking part in. Take a look here if you want to take part too. The winner gets £500 worth of vouchers fyi. Keep your eyes peeled for my bedroom design blog post coming soon.

I’m all set for the Innocent Big Knit thanks to these lovely free patterns from Deramores. I’m hoping to do the fox and the owl along with lots of stripy ones too. Plus you can create your own design with the big knitter. Genius idea and I will definitely be having some fun with it.

Lau xxx