A long weekend in pictures

As I mentioned last week I spent four days on a short break ‘up north’ with the family to celebrate a birthday. It was blissful so of course i’m going to share some of the fun times with you. Be warned this post is mainly going to be about the pictures, because that’s what I like best and honestly I don’t write well enough to describe my adventures and the beauty of The Peaks half as well as my pictures do!

So my trip went a little bit like this…

  • Road Trip! Queue good music, lots of talking and picking the service station we stop at depending on the coffee available. Hence the 16 miles of crossing my legs in order to go to a Starbucks!
  • Arriving in Sheffield to skip down the hill and meet the youngest Evans sister. Then touring her house before setting off to Bolsover Castle.
  • Promptly falling in love with Bolsover. Cooing over wall paintings, cute windows and fallen down ruins. And taking lots of pictures of course – the magic of smart phones!
  • Somehow finding our way into Matalan and exiting 90 minutes later with lots of purchases. You’d think that my sisters, Mum and I would have learnt not to shop together by now!


  • Heading into the Peak District and discovering the lovely town of Bakewell.
  • Eating the best lasagne ever (thanks Mum)


  • Training it to Leeds to have lunch with one of my favouritest people in the world. Lots of talking, lots of eating and lots of laughing!
  • Discovering the Chestnut Centre a conservation and wildlife park. A lovely long walk around the place and seeing otters, deers and owls. Along with pole cats, pine martens and field mice. Seriously if you are ever in the area go check it out.
  • Also if you are there then stop in at The Beehive pub in Combs for lunch – totally delicious grub.


  • I also managed to fit in a run – I know I was surprised too. But having my Dad there made me do it and it was great fun. I left my headphones at home and we chatted away for a three mile explore around Bakewell. I, of course, had to stop a couple of times for photos as we saw rainbows. Yes we ran in the rain.

wpid-IMG_20131019_190120.jpg wpid-20131019_174750.jpg

  • The other plus point of going for a run was that I didn’t feel too guilt over the amount I ate (and drank) that evening! We headed to another lovely foodie place recommended by our neighbours. The Pointed Dog and Duck in Bakewell town. Checkout the trip advisor views here. Another excellent meal and the perfect place to celebrate Becca’s birthday. Plus she loved all her presents. One of which I made myself! So will be sharing soon.
  • We of course managed to fit in more board game time. Like that was ever not going to happen!


  • Our final day started with a walk, then a trip to Costco before a long drive home. A thoroughly enjoyable weekend away with my family.

Honestly it’s trips like these that I live for. So much fun, full on relaxing and surrounding yourself with people that get you.

Lau xxx


Weekly musings…

I’m back! Yes I have returned from my holibobs. You probably didn’t even know I was away as I my very organised and got a few posts scheduled in – yay to me! Here are a few pics from my time away – I honestly didn’t take many as I was too busy reading lots of books…

Sandy feet

Sandy feet



Palm Tree

Palm Tree



So you’ve seen a few pics but rather than a weekly update this lovely Sunday I’ve got something a bit new. Just a few things thoughts and ideas to share because honestly I was getting a bit bored of just posting pics and listing my week. It was feeling very repetitive. Plus I like to write full posts for exciting weekly things, like trips away or meals at new places which is better than only briefly mentioning it in one update post. So instead you get to hear about my weekly musings, you know all those bits and bobs I’ve been thinking about this week. 

  • This whole tartan trend that’s approaching, I’m really tempted. Can I buy myself a tartan skirt? Would I pull it off? Bearing in mind the last time that I wore tartan was when I was four, I’m not so sure…
  • Why did I have to be ill on holiday? Seriously I’ve had this cold and sore throat combination for over a week now. I felt very sorry for anyone on my plane to Faro last week – I was a walking ball of gross illness! Luckily I was doing nothing more strenuous than sunbathing and reading, but still it’s not great when you have to carry millions of pocket tissues with you wherever you go!
  • Gah I’ve just realised that Bale is still in my Fantasy Football team. What is wrong with me he needs to go asap. I bet i’m the bottom of the league by now!
  • Should I feel guilty about the excitement I am feeling about it being autumn? I’m so happy that cosy sofa nights, candles, warm drinks and thick tights are in my future.
  • I’m completely panicking about running a half marathon in March. I suppose I should look into some sort of training plan…?

Lau xxx

Favourite Things #32

Greetings chums, I’m back again with this week’s favourite things.

First the holiday countdown is in full swing, yippee yay! I know I’ve only just been away in Wales but I already feel like I need another holiday so this trip couldn’t come at a better time. The below views are in my not too distant future.

Also I have discovered Itsu. There’s been an Itsu next to my office for at least a year now, yet it’s only over the last week that I’ve actually ventured inside and fallen in love with the food. Especially their duck a l’orange. The honey cashews are delicious.



I saw this recipe for Peanut Butter Crunch Creams on averymellybake the other day and it’s definitely a recipe that I will have to try myself sometime soon. This picture makes them look absolutely delicious, if only we could eat them off the screen, hey!



Another food favourite this week is Metcalfe’s Sweet Cinnamon Spice popcorn. It’s unbelievably yummy. My favourite popcorn is actually a savoury Propercorn version, but this cinnamon one is definitely fighting its way to joint first.

Also there’s a UK Kindle advert. I didn’t realise it but apparently this is the first time they’ve done a UK specific advert with British actors. The kids in this advert are incredibly cute and remind me an awful lot of myself and my relationship to books when I was younger.

source via @FiEvans

What about you lovely people? Any favourite things to share this week…

Lau xx

A week holidaying in Wales

This past week has been bliss, complete and utter bliss. This is the first full week I’ve had off all year and I didn’t quite realise just how much I needed the break. Believe me 6 days in the back and beyond of Wales was exactly what I needed. Apart from catching up on a lot of sleep and relaxation time the week went a little bit like this.

Sunday – The morning after the wedding, I was feeling particularly tired and not because of too much partying – I actually felt ill for the wedding celebrations so ended up leaving early – 11pm I think. So disappointing but I was feeling so ill. After a hotel breakfast of brioche and cereal we set off on the road trip from Frome to Mid Wales – Tywyn to be exact. We got settled into our apartment with it’s sea view, I went for a run and we finished of the evening with roast chicken and the first of many games nights.



Monday – I love holiday lie ins and waking up to a sea view and seagulls is so amazing. Today we took a quick drive along the coast to Morfa Mawddach station where we parked the cars and walked along the Llwfybr Arfordir Cymru or Wales Coastal Path to the pretty seaside town of Barmouth. We walked past fields and then along the beach before crossing the Mawddach estuary on a wooden train and pedestrian bridge. We explored the town and stopped for lunch before making our way home. Then it was time for more reading another run (this is what happens when I go on holiday with my Dad!) followed by a dinner of left over salad bits. And more games of course!

Tuesday – We headed to the nearby steam railway – Tallylynn Railway – which just happened to be in our little village. It’s the world’s first preserved railway and it travels north through the mountains. We settled ourselves into an old wooden carriage and set off. Our first stop was Dolgoch where we wandered up to and around Dolgoch falls. We then hopped back onto the train to Abergynolwyn station where we found the perfect picnic bench to tuck into our lunchtime picnic before heading back down the mountain. The rest of the day passed with reading, games, cards and another run before we enjoyed fish and chips from the local restaurant – let’s be honest it had to happen, it is a holiday after all.

Wednesday – This was the only day of rain on our holiday to we decide to go for a drive north along the coast. We passed through a couple of towns; Dolggelau and Porthmadog, but didn’t fancy stopping anywhere until we got to Criceth where we found a gorgeous little cafe restaurant where the food was delicious. From jacket potatoes to lasagna and sausages and mash to cake, all the dishes were delicious. After returning home the evening followed along the same vein as every other – run, dinner and games!

Thursday – The morning was spent on the beach, before lunch, a film and then arcade games. I love the 2p machines and could spend hours there. I must investigate somewhere to have fun with these in London. There was no run today – I was feeling lazy and my Dad was busy doing work so wasn’t about to drag me out there!

Friday – This was Snowdon day. We’d booked our tickets for the Snowdon Mountain Railway for later in the week, the plan was to have a picnic at the base of the mountain before getting on the train at our 2:30 alloted stop. We stopped part way up the mountain for a wander along a cute stream, before getting to the train station with a couple of hours to spare. However it turned out that it was too windy for the train to make the full ascent to the peak of Snowdon. Instead we could only go 5/8 of the way up to Rocky Valley or we could get a refund. As this was our last day in Wales we decide to still go on the train, but we were able to switch our train time to 1pm instead. Which meant we had 10 mins to wolf down some of our picnic – mainly delicious chicken tikka slices for the Tywyn bakery before boarding the train. It took us 30 minutes to get to Rocky Valley and then we spent 20 minutes enjoying the view. The train is brilliant and a great way of seeing the mountain, although i’m definitely going to go back and walk up to the top one day. After this and the 90 minute drive back to the flat we were all exhausted but we manage to get mostly packed up before enjoying our final night in Wales – again with the games and family time. I finally managed to win a game of The Great British Train Game – yippee = best. night. ever!

Saturday – an early early start to set off on the journey home. It took us 5 hours to get home. We did stop for coffee and lunch just south of Birmingham and it was utter bliss to have ‘real’ coffee again. Saturday afternoon was spent unpacking and washing. Fun things like that – the downside of holidays I think!

Sunday – A long lie in thanks to being back in my own bed.Then there was a bit of a shop, a run and flat organisation – the kitchen has never looked so good!

An evening run on the Common

An evening run on the Common

After such an amazing week it’s a bit depressing having to go back to work tomorrow. Don’t worry though as i’m already counting down until the next holidays. I’m off to Leeds next weekend and then Portugal in September. Another depressing thought is that the Mothership and youngest sister are heading to Australia this week which I am unbelievably jealous of. I half wondering whether i’d fit in Becca’s suitcase…It’s worth a try right?!

Lau xxx

Favourite Things #26

This week my favourite things is basically going to revolve around next week’s holibobs because let me be perfectly honest it’s the only thing I’m thinking about right now. Today (thursday) is my last day at work for over a week. Come tonight I will be all packed up and shipping out of London town – yippee yay! I realised earlier this week that I haven’t yet had more than two days off from work which is clearly why I am craving this break so much. We all know that having a full week is so much more relaxing than a measly 48 hours; you get a proper chance to unwind, relax and de-stress. So in the spirit of de-stressing here’s a list about what I will be doing next week…

  • talking, lots of talking
  • relaxing dinners with the family
  • scoffing lots of yummy food – there’s nothing better than my parent’s home cooking
  • uninterrupted reading time on the terrace, the beach, in bed, on the comfy looking sofas, in the park, anywhere and everywhere
  • ambling along the beach and possibly sunbathing – weather dependant
  • long evenings of board games. We’re taking Scrabble, Uno, Articulate, The Train Game and The Best of British. Cannot. Wait
  • laughing, lots of laughing. Laughter is guaranteed when our family get together as everyone always does silly things!
  • taking the chance to have long lazy lie ins
  • climbing Snowdon
  • running everyday – well that’s the plan anyway
  • drinking wine in the sun
  • discovering hidden parts of Wales – apparently there are nearby waterfalls
  • dancing the night away at a wedding
  • dolphin watching
  • road trips and road trip music