A few end of the week musings

Happy Sunday friends, here’s to another week ending. I’m not sure about where you guys are, but London today is full on Autumnal. There’s rain and wind and fallen leaves of every colour. I am celebrating by relaxing on a sofa in Starbucks. A perfect Sunday in my book. Also I might have to treat myself to my favourite pumpkin spice loaf too – it’s becoming an addiction – oops!

Firstly in this weekly musings post I want to discuss porridge. Yes now that the weather has turned truly Autumnal and rainy (please read miserable) warm breakfasts are back with a vengeance  I like to eat breakfast once I arrive at work but with the microwave being 6 floors away there is no way I am traipsing down there everyday to microwave my porridge, so the fact that I have discovered porridge pots is a lifesaver. They are so simple add hot water to the line, stir and voila porridge is made. I may have stocked up on quite a few of these, in numerous flavours. Well I have to try them all obviously!


So I also did a spot of baking this past week. There was a birthday at work, so I was all like I’ll bake, I’ll bake! Mainly because I’ve been wanting to try a recipe for ages and ages, plus everyone wants some home cooked goodies on their birthday, right? So I made this double chocolate loaf cake that I found on the BBC GoodFood website. Not only does it look and smell delicious, but taste-wise it’s to die for! I will of course be writing up the recipe over on Cook Bake & Eat later this month.

I’m also still loving the named Coke bottles. On Monday I had a diet coke break with a friend – okay so she wasn’t physically with me but picking a bottle with her name on made me smile! However I did get to spend the day with her on Saturday which was absolutely lovely.

This week I’ve also been engrossed in The Innocent by Harlan Coben. Considering how much I love his books I was surprised to find that I hadn’t read this one yet, I loved it and couldn’t put it down. It certainly helped pass endless bus journeys – my bus was on diversion all week.


Along with lots of reading I have also been watching an awful lot of Friday Night Lights this week. Yes I’m a bit late getting to this show, especially considering how big of an American Football fan I am. Plus my favourite film of all time is Remember the Titans, so I was bound to love FNL. Anyway I’ve now officially caught the bug and seriously feel the love for everyone at Dillon High School.

Yesterday I had a lovely day catching up with one of my best friends – we were feeling suitably jealous of another friend being in New York so we got together for a proper catch up. There was a pub lunch, coffee and cake, lots of chattering, reminiscing over travelling days and a wander around Rochester – I’ve hadn’t been before but it’s got so many cute shops and coffee places. Definitely going back there sometime to discover more. I have to admit by the time I got back home I was utterly exhausted, there’s nothing like catching up with a friend with lots of talking and walking in the fresh air to tire a person out! I did fall in love with this lovely owl vase in the middle of the below picture. Yes we all know my owl obsession (in fact I’m planning an owl post soon) so how could I not love this!


One final thought – Every Friday should be cake day at work. Who agrees with me? Personally I always find a Friday in the office to drag. It’s a bit quieter, everything is a bit slower and I’m just a bit tireder than on any other day. Hence the need for cake. So I am proposing a renaming of Friday to Cakeday where eating cake in the office is mandatory. Office mouse be damned!

Lau xxx


My Week in Pictures

Christmas chocolate in September / Bus journey selfie

Afternoon tea at Palm Court, Langhams Hotel: Roses in a teapot / Ladies who lunch / finger sandwiches / scones with jam and clotted cream / white tea / hibiscus and blackberry jelly / chocolate tart and Victoria sandwich cake

Tim Tams / Movie Marathon

The last week in August – My Week in Pictures

I love bank holidays, only having to work four days is amazing. Well actually I had Friday afternoon off too so it was really only 3.5 – Yay me! And okay I had to make up that afternoon time but that was super easy doing 45 mins each day – as long as I have coffee then I’m functioning totally normally! Anyways without further waffle here is my week in pictures…

Lau xxx

The Newsroom, running and eating! – weekly update

I am currently super relaxed thanks to the wonderfulness that is a British Bank Holiday. I’m going to ignore the fact that this is the last weekend of August and instead focus on the three day I have off instead! This is actually the first weekend for months where I have had no plans, yes I’m actually serious and can I just say it have been absolutely blissful. I wish it would last forever. So here’s what I’ve been up to…
Using my new mouse pad from the Paperchase sale. It certainly brightens up my desk at work
wpid-20130820_155056.jpgCatching up on The Newsroom in anticipation for the new series.
Catching up with my oldest friends with a long lazy evening snacking, chatting and drinking green tea
wpid-IMG_20130820_070104.jpgBaking and icing whoopie pies, check out the recipe here

Running and then collapsing on the sofa to watch The Great British Bake Off
wpid-IMG_20130820_183125.jpgWalking to and from work on the same day – 2 hours of walking – I must be mad!
Drinks and dinner with lovely work people – there were less of us than anticipated but that didn’t dampen the fun at all. First there was cocktails during happy hour before soaking up some alcohol with a trip to Five Guys – a review will follow soon. I love working around Covent Garden!

Avoiding the rain by running on the treadmill at the gym.
wpid-IMG_20130824_112425.jpgConvincing Fi that she should try a Ramen dish at Wagamamas

Watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with oreos and a quilt while feeling sorry for my ill self on the sofa.
wpid-1377373455003.jpgMeeting my Dad for brunch/lunch in Clapham before a Starbucks and some shopping to add to my monthly budget post.
And now i’m watching Lord of Rings while blogging and procrastinating over whether to run or not.
Hope you are all having a lovely long weekend too.
Lau xxx

Fun times from last week

Last week was my first quiet week in ages. I say quiet but yet I still managed to do an awful lot of things! It went a little something like this…

  • A Primark trip to return things turned into a trip to buy new things – why does that always happen?
  • There was early morning running and walking in – go me!
  • An evening at Wembley with family and friends. Lovely burgers at Flutes before a great match between England and Scotland. I’ve never known such a great atmosphere at a football game.
  • Thursday night takeaway night, I love a good curry as long as there’s lots of naan bread!
  • I managed to catch up on six episodes of Masterchef Australia this week – all in one sitting. Guilty pleasures alert!
  • There was a full on craft weekend with spray painting jars and vases. I also made a birthday present for someone but that won’t be revealed until after the event!
  • A trip to New Malden’s B&Q – I love that place. I could literally waste hours there.
  • Dinner at the Seahorse with half of my family – the rest are sunning it up Down Under so don’t feel too bad for them. I had baked camembert, crab & prawn linguine, followed by apple & blackberry crumble with vanilla custard. Oh and half a bottle of wine!
  • Early morning run around the countryside followed by a bacon sandwich
  • Sunday was a little bit like tidy, bake, blog, clean! In fact this tends to be my usual Sunday routine at the moment!


I hope your week was just as fun.

Lau xxx