Squirrel, Squirrel!

I have been in love with this squirrel jumper ever since I went shopping for my summer holiday wardrobe and saw it in M&S. I picked it up at least five times before telling myself that I didn’t need it for a summer trip to Wales – I was right Wales was lovely and warm and there was no need for a Squirrel jumper – but still I’ve regretted not buying it ever since. It’s just so lovely that I smile just looking at it. Plus it’s less than £30 which is bargainaeous considering the number of times I know I will wear it in the Autumn and Winter. Can you hear me trying to convince you that it’s okay for me to buy it?!



Anyway I had kind of put it out of my mind and then I saw it on Domestic Sluttery in their Animals Getting All Up In Your Jumper Grillz post and all the lovely feelings mentioned above just reappeared. I swear now I want it even more and you just know that it’s going to be sold out now that it’s been mentioned online. In fact that’s exactly what happened to the navy pug dress I wanted. Actually that was mentioned on DS and it was from M&S too. Hmmm I’m sensing a theme going on here!

So watch this space guys I may just be heading to an M&S this bank holiday weekend and perusing their animal collection.

Plus as it’s a squirrel jumper I just had to share this clip with you – Classic!


Happy Bank Holiday people, here’s to a lovely three day weekend.

Lau xxx


Autumn wishlist 1

I feel like it’s been ages since I added a list of things that I’m coveting. In fact, I’ve just checked and the last one was back in April when I posted this post birthday wishlist. How did that happen? Please forgive this mishap of not posting anything in so long. I promise I have definitely had a list of wants in my mind even if they never made it onto here. I can promise that this will be the first of many Autumn/Winter lists. This wishlist seems to be mostly jumpers and dresses along with warmer garments so clearly I’ve been focusing on all the new goodies that are arriving in stores at the moment. I know it’s still August and sunny, but honestly I think as much as I love the sun I’m also ready for the cooler weather to arrive – give me tights and boots now please!

ASOS Clive the cat jumper / neon coral terry sweatshirt / black cat face jumper / glamourous Aran knit boyfriend jumper / grey embellished neck jumper

cream tapestry v-neck tea dress / navy tea dress / Ponte pleated dress / Black high leg riding boots – Plus they do them in red too / Falmer cream cardigan / Dotted raw edge slub t-shirt

And finally, I’m not normally one for coloured tights, but these caught my eye and I am itching to purchase them as I think they’d be perfect with my black dress and mustard cardi that is a staple autumn/winter outfit…watch this space!


 burgundy tights

Lau xxx

Dreaming of Summertime

So there was a peek of sunshine over the bank holiday weekend which means I suddenly couldn’t stop thinking about getting a summer wardrobe. Of course now I suddenly want everything I see. Here’s my summer wants so far…

summer wants 1 (1)

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 /

1. Navy stripe sling back boat shoes. £15.00, originally £25.00, River Island – I’ve been after some boat shoes for a while. It’s always good to have other shoe options rather than just flip flops or pumps and I’ve only got one pair of white canvas pumps from last year that have definitely seen better days. They’ve definitely lived through too many summer shoes!

2. Coral Canvas Slingback Wedges. £27.99, New Look – I love this colour and can automatically think of plenty of outfits that they will brighten up.

3. Khaki shorts, £16.00, originally £20.00, Red Herring, Debenhams – I so almost picked these up over the bank holiday weekend, but then I changed my mind. I’m itching to get them back! I also think they’d look great with the number 2 wedges!

4. A Wear bird print belted dress. £35.00, ASOS – I’ve been after a couple of dresses for awhile. What I love about a dress is that it’s a ready made outfit, so perfect for those mornings when I’m running late! Or for trips when I only take hand luggage – maximising the number of outfits I can fit in.This along with 5 and number 12 are all on my ASOS ‘save for later’ basket. Any of these would be perfect for my trip to Dublin in July.

5. ASOS Mini skater dress in flocked spot. £28.00 – what can I say, I have a soft spot for polka dots.

6. Parisian Cream Floral Lace Layered Skater Skirt. £19.99, New Look – this is so pretty. If I didn’t already have my summer wedding outfits sorted out then this would already have been purchased.

summer wants 2

7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

7. White floral skater skirt, £16.99, New Look – talk about the look and feel of summer in one item of clothing. Love it!

8. Flamingo print scarf, £20.00, Oasis – I currently have two scarves that I rotate between, i’d like to throw another neutral colour into the mix and the flamingo patter gives it a little something extra I think.

9. White and black heart barcode tee, £12.00, Dorothy Perkins  – I’m also trying to build up my selection of t-shirts back up and this one just caught my eye. It would be perfect for a lazy weekend in London.

10. Navy Stripe Canvas Tote, £14.99, New Look – A stripy bag? Tick, tick, tick. I need it!

11. Yellow leather flip flops, £16.95, Gap – Such a summery colour and would certainly brighten up any outfit.

12. ASOS Skater Dress With Wrap Front In Heart And Bird Print. £25.00 – I love the pattern of this dress and seeing it next to those yellow flip flops has highlighted a potential outfit…even more tempted now!

Hmm, the fact that i’m already lusting after all these things doesn’t bode well for June’s shopping budget at all!

Lau xxx

Post birthday wishlist

Why is it that as soon as Christmas or my birthday is over I suddenly find lots of things that I want need to own? It’s not like I wasn’t actively looking for new things to add to my birthday list at least a full month before the big day hit. Yet suddenly come April 13th I’m seeing lovely bits everywhere. This is doubley a shame as I have earmarked my birthday money for a new dress for a party next month. Yay for me and the party, but nay for me allowing myself to buy any of the items below!

Dog jumper – Floral satchelScalloped cross body bagCandy Stripe scarf

Earrings – GiletButterfly top – Inferno – Six Years

Yes it seems I’ve also gone a bit made on the Tesco website – a jumper, two bags and a scarf! – but I’m simply loving the Florence and Fred range at the moment. Because really, when you can get a gorgeous bag for £10 and a summery scarf for £5, what’s not to love? I only wish there was a Tesco store that had a clothes section nearby, I much prefer physical shopping over online shopping.

The earrings are from Fat Face, a shop I haven’t been in for ages until recently when I wandered in while killing time around Covent Garden and I was sold hook, line and sinker. Plus I love the colour of that gilet and the butterfly pattern on that top – if only it wasn’t white though as there’s no way I can buy it. We all know I’ll manage to drop tomato pips down myself the first time I wear it!

Then there’s all the books that I’ve just discovered exist. How did I not realise that these were out? Clearly I need to spend some more time in bookshops! There’s the latest Dan Brown, Harlen Coben and some David Baldacci titles that I’ve not read. Plus let’s not forget the latest Jodi Picoult book and I need to read the rest of The Game of Thrones series from Book 3 onwards.

Lau xxx

p.s I will be posting about my wonderful birthday presents soon, I promise.

Birthday list number 2

Me again with an update to my birthday list. I’ve spotted a couple more bits and pieces that just had to be added.

When you receive an email with the subject line ‘I bet you wish you were wearing this right now…’ you know that clicking open is going to give you a wonderful wardrobe treat. Well I wasn’t disappointed when Fi sent me this gorgeous dress from M&S via email. I’ve managed to stop myself from rushing out and buying it so far and luckily (or unluckily) it’s currently sold out online. Even so hopefully it will find it’s way to me all wrapped up on the 12th April.


I started watching series 1 of Friday Night Lights last year, but then got distracted and haven’t been able to get back onto it. Well hopefully come my birthday that might change, the boxset of the whole series would be very welcome…thank you!


I’m also still obsessed with these jeans from Gap. I literally love everything about them. The colour, the spots, love love love them. I’m already planning spring outfits around them!


Another thing that needs to get on my birthday list is the ebook version of the entire Harry Potter series. I think I’ve spoken about my obsession with Potter before. I honestly believe that my Hogwarts letter got lost. No one can ever find my parent’s house so what hope did an owl have?! And okay I may have two sets of the books already but the ebooks are still tempting me. I reread the series at least once a year and sometimes books 4-7 are just too bulky to carry around with me. that’s where the ebook version would come perfectly, they’d all fit perfectly on the tiny miracle that is my kindle!

Finally I saw some amazing bedding in Primark at the weekend, no picture but it was white with a navy pug pattern all over it. Love and want!

Lau xxx