Monsters University, West Wing and Potter love – My Favourite Things

So I saw this trailer for Monsters University when I watched Iron Man 3 last week and now I am totally over excited about seeing this film! Honestly it’s been so long in the making.

Over the last week I have been renewing my obsession with the US TV show The West Wing. I’ve been re-watching this with friends over the past year or so and we are now down to the last 10 episodes. This very fact that it’s coming to an end again has got me reminiscing about the whole series. If any of you follow me on Pinterest you’ve probably already seen this as I have definitely pinned a fair few quotes and videos from the show this week too. I love everything about it, the brilliantly written characters, the intriguing storylines and the quick witted dialogue. Plus don’t forget the’ Walk and Talks’ that happens so often in the show. I’ve also learned a lot from the shows, basically any of my US political knowledge has come directly from here. I don’t think I could chose my favourite episode as there are way too many of them, but I think my favourite season would be Season 2. The two episodes at the beginning and then the last 4 or 5 at the end are particularly well done. Also you’ve got to love this moment from Season 3 – the gif is from Pinterest of course!

I’ve also recently discovered a fantastic shop on Etsy – Cakes and Kids Too. It’s full of lots of lovely baking paraphernalia; cupcake cases, twine, paper straws, food colouring.  So far i’ve managed to hold off on buying anything but i’ve got my eye on these.

How pretty is this necklace? I’m in total lust with it! It’s from The Harbinger Co. and it’s made from bamboo. It’s so delicate and completely unique. If only I had a spare $70…

And finally check out this list from Buzz Feed of 16 Items That Every Harry Potter Fanatic Must Own. Isn’t it just totally brilliant?!  I have number three already and I want 2, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13 and 15! On the subject of Harry Potter I must just mention that I have just booked tickets for the Studio Tour. Yes, i’m going again and I simply cannot wait. Fun times await!

Lau xxx


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